People Associated with the Belfast Group

This network graph is one attempt to answer the question of who constituted the Belfast Group. It shows the people who were members of or otherwise associated with the Belfast Group. Most of these individuals either authored Group sheets or owned them. But it also takes into account people—often women—who were affiliated with the writing workshop in other capacities. You can also see these same data visualized as a chord diagram.

The one-degree view of the network shows everyone with a direct connection to the Group. It also shows which of those individuals are connected to one another, for example through correspondence (according to library finding aids), marriage, or mentioning one another in poems. The two-degree view includes people or groups who were connected to members of the Belfast Group. It highlights the wider literary circle in which members of the Belfast Group participated. That said, the network is based on data from the Group sheets and materials in special collections at Emory University and Queen’s University Belfast. Our visualization is therefore limited by the data that we have been able to analyze.

Download network data for this graph as GEXF. Click on the “i” next to “Graph Settings” to learn more about the visualization options.


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